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How to save $3000 in 6 months

How to Save Money Fast: $3K in Six Months

Posted By The Handy Tax Guy

Money Saving Challenge: How to Save $3,000 in 6 Months Saving money can be a difficult task and that isn’t completely our faults. Large corporations and their marketing departments are attempting to make spending money as easy and painless as possible, ultimately giving us

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dave ramsey baby steps

Dave Ramsey Plan Explained

Posted By The Handy Tax Guy

Personal finance is an ever-growing topic because it has an affect on everyone. Every individual is exposed to money in some capacity and it is important to understand how it works. As with anything, there are self-help personalities, gurus and people who claim to have the s

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Where do nurses get paid the most. #moneytips #nursetips

Where Do Nurses Make the Most Money

Posted By The Handy Tax Guy

Question of the Week: Where Do Nurses Make the Most Money There are four professions that will never go out of business and they are farmers, because people won’t stop eating, plumbers because people won’t stop using the bathroom, funeral homes because people won’t sto

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January 2, 2019 No Comments

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