WHERE IS MY REFUND? NEW Federal Tax Law May Affect You for 2021

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The IRS will begin to release the Earned Income/Additional Child Tax Credit (EITC/ACTC) refunds around the first week of March 2021.

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What you need to know about your tax refund:

  • This new law requires the IRS to hold the entire refund (even the amount not associated with the EITC or ACTC)
  • Refunds likely won’t arrive in bank accounts or debit cards until the first week of March
  • Use the Where’s My Refund? ‎link to check out your daily status
  • Possible deposit dates for early EITC /ACTC refund filers may be available a few days around Feb. 22nd
  • You will most likely not see your refund until the week of March 1st
  • Your funds may take longer to appear in your account depending on the financial institution (remember that most financial institutions do not process payments on weekends or holidays)

For more information visit the Refund Timing page on the IRS website. Don’t forget to check out The Handy Tax Guy FAQ page for any additional online tax questions.

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(Original Article Date: January 31, 2017/Updated November 30, 2020)